By offering a variety of services, Surecare Specialty Pharmacy is able to provide our patients with the latest in medications  prescribed by the health providers. Surecare Specialty Pharmacy offers a variety of services to their patients, from customary retail prescriptions, to compounded medications and the latest in specialty drugs. 

Since we are contracted with numerous insurance carriers, we can handle the claims’ processing with greater ease – simplifying the treatment process for our patients. 

Surecare Specialty Pharmacy is also a full retail pharmacy offering our patients the convenience of same day prescription filling, city wide delivery at no extra cost and an experienced staff, including our pharmacists and technicians. From the moment we receive your prescription to the time it is filled, we communicate with the patient so that they are aware of when they will receive their medications. And once the process is complete, we will follow-up in a matter of days to see how the patient is reacting to their treatment and/or medication.

Pharmaceutical compounding is the science of preparing custom medications to fit the unique needs of a patient. Since not all patients can adhere to prescribed medications, at Surecare Specialty Pharmacy our trained pharmacist can work alongside the provider and patient to come up with an alternative – compounded medications.

At Surecare Specialty Pharmacy, we offer Non-Sterile compounding. Non-sterile refers to medications similar to creams and gels that are compounded in a safe environment.

We are currently updating our clean room facilities to meet changes in standards and regulations – at which time we will continue to offer sterile compounding for our patients.

Once the medication has been compounded, it is filled and sent out to the patient. Again, regular follow-ups are made with the patient to determine the efficacy of their compounded medication and to see if there were any side effects that need to be noted.

Today, many higher priced medications often require a prior authorization from the insurance company. At Surecare Specialty, we work with the insurance companies to streamline this process and alleviate the burden for the physicians staff and the patient. Once we receive the patients’ insurance information, it is entered into the system along with their prescription and sent to the insurance carrier for approval. From time to time there will be a prior authorization required, at which time Surecare will handle the process for the patient. 

Surecare Specialty Pharmacy offers our patients the convenience of obtaining their prescribed medications for specific treatment plans – delivered straight to their door. Our staff is available to assist our patients with the information and knowledge they need in their treatment process. Depending on the type of treatment that each patient is receiving, our staff will provide the most up-to-date information regarding the medications being prescribed. 

In this ever changing world we need to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes nutrition and regular exercising is of great importance. Our Director of Wellness Programs who has numerous years of experience will work hand-in-hand with patients in their ongoing treatment plans, providing them with assessments for nutrition and exercise programs on an individualized basis.

At Surecare Specialty Pharmacy we understand the expense involved in obtaining newer treatment medications and drugs. We also empathize with those that have a difficult time in paying for their co-payments. We offer assistance to those who find it difficult to cover their insurance co-payments by providing a link to financial assistance resources. Many drug manufactures have similar programs to help in these circumstances.

Surecare Specialty Pharmacy offers the ASPN program to its patients. In the event that Surecare is unable to fill a patient's prescription, it will transfer the prescription to ASPN's network which in turn will go through a clearinghouse to obtain the medication. A suitable pharmacy will be found to fill the prescription.​